A child who was ever chasing after books, stories and thoughts with curiosity grew up to find a department that hides all of those inside. In this department that was hidden in Istanbul University’s Ancient Languages and Cultures corridor, she had years full of mysterious languages that are not spoken anymore, mythology and philosophy. After she graduated from Latin Language and Literature she didn’t want to leave and remained there to receive a MA degree.

While she was thinking of ways to share this magical journey with children she came across Philosophy for Children and she found yet another magical chest in her curious journey in Boğaziçi Lifelong Learning Center’s Philosophy For Children Trainer’s Training. The thought travels which came out of this magical chest took her to many places. And not by herself, sometimes with lots of children accompanying her, sometimes with other explorers that travel the Philosophy for Children journey.

She came across other explorers in faraway lands. When she attended SOPHIA Network Meeting in Denmark she found herself in a new community. She also had the chance to work with this community to contribute to a greater good and joined them as a SOPHIA board member. Under this very grown-up title, people from all over the world working to contribute to Philosophy for Children came together to share experiences and ideas; sometimes in faraway lands, sometimes communicating with each other from their own distant countries to improve each other and the field.

She, then attended the UK’s The Philosophy Foundation and SAPERE’s trainings and found new magical items in the P4wC treasure chest.

She was determined to make the children of her own country more exposed to philosophy. She set to working to translate books, write books and advice publishers about books. She wrote philosophy for children books for children herself as a great part of her adventure. Meanwhile she came together with lots of children from pre-school to junior-high in school classes and workshops. She usually had her beloved picture books in her hand while meeting them and watched the magic that happens when children, picture books and philosophy merge together.

And Philotopia was founded to include more children and teachers that can reach even more children in this adventure.

The adult version for those who do not like fairytales:

Tuğçe Ebesek Büyükuğurlu, has a graduate and MA degree from İstanbul University Classics department, Latin Language and Literature. She completed the Philosophy For Children Trainer’s Training in Boğaziçi Lifelong Learning Center. She’s a board member of SOPHIA and contributes to improving the field actively. She had also attended The Philosophy Foundation’s Specialist Philosopher Training and SAPERE’s P4C Training to further her practice.

She writes children’s books and translates/edits books about the field to contribute to Philosophy for/with Children in her country. Her first two books from the “Thought Experiments” series are “Whatever You Want Machine” (Ne İstersen Makinesi) and “Desert Prince and Ice” (Çöl Prensi ve Buz) are published by Masalperest Publishing. She works on doing philosophy with children with children’s books. She teaches from pre-school to junior-high in schools, runs workshops in bookshops and events.

She aims to work to improve the Philosophy for/with Children in Turkey.

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